What Your Writer Friends Need

This is very well written and to the point. Mary Coley knows in depth what daily challenges a writer faces. Kudos to her for including all those with creative callings.

Mary Coley Writes

Writers, like all creative people, are a different breed. We spend long hours alone, often struggling, as we write down a story. We select the tale, the setting, the characters and everything that happens. We search for the right words constantly, whether actively writing or not. Then, we spend hours alone, trying to make our thoughts live on paper. Here’s a revelation: we can’t help it – it’s who we are.

In many ways writing books is like putting a puzzle together. And I love a good puzzle, whether it’s a jigsaw, a crossword, a search-and-find or a treasure hunt. Writing is a lot like cooking: choosing ingredients, stirring them up, and then adding some heat so it can later be enjoyed. Food feeds the body, but words feed the soul.

Do you know any writers? If you do, listen up.

Writers crave four things, and I believe all creative people crave these same things, whether…

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