Letter dated May 20, 1942

The mailbox was stuffed in 1942 with lots of correspondence from family and friends. Letters hold the seeds of friendship and love. Lester would surely have known he was important to a lot of people from home. Likewise, they knew they were important to him.


Wednesday evening May 20 – 1942

The Folks


Dear Folks

If I answer your letter tonight you should get it before Sunday.  I received your letter today, one from Frances and a card from one of my buddies who left on the last draft.  He is on a ship on the east coast and likes it fine.  It is quite possible that I would have been sent with him if I had gone with the last draft.  All of the boys we have heard from like it fine on board ship.

You could never guess who I met up here last Monday.  James McIntire of Dunlap.  We were at the dinner table with only one person between us.  Someone mentioned Kansas so of course I asked who was from Kansas.  James said “I am”.  I didn’t recognize him so asked where in Kansas.  He knew me and said, “the same place you are from.”  I finally had to ask his name.  I thought of him but never dreamed of meeting him in the navy and especially up here.  It’s a small world, I guess.

I got the Booster this evening and it is very interesting.  There seems to be a number of the kids that I don’t know.  However, I enjoyed it just the same.  Would you like to have more of “Our Navy” magazines?

Dad, do you remember I asked if you knew someone from Algona, Iowa?  It was Mr Long, wasn’t it?  One of my buddies is from there and he knows of Mr. Long but he said not many people knew much about him.

Tomorrow is pay day so we will get paid in the evening.  We should have been paid today but don’t always get paid when we should be paid.

Thursday morning and I didn’t get to finish this last night.  It is nearly clear this morning so perhaps it will be nice for awhile.

Paul, did you put that rating badge on your suit or does it have one?  I wash my suit sometimes and have one of the boys press it with an iron.  A few of the boys have electric irons though they aren’t supposed to possess them.  It costs thirty cents for each garment to have them cleaned and pressed or we can wash them and the boys will press them for a dime.

Is Benny still working at Frank & Katie’s?  Do you know who is helping him now?  I imagine it will be rather hard to find someone to stay in town and look after his folks but perhaps he will be able to find someone.

Do you have the corn planted yet?  It has been quite rainy everywhere I guess.

I will have to close if I am to get this mailed today.






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