Tidbits from Home

Lester must have received notes from everyone at home, to make sure that Josephine had arrived safely. He apparently caught up on lots of home news in the process.


May 16 – 1942


Dear Folks

This is Saturday morning and we aren’t having any inspection this morning so will write a few lines.  It has been raining quite a lot the last few days and it rained especially hard last night.  I was on sentry watch at one of the gates and when I went to chow the water on the sidewalks was over the tops of my rubbers.  My feet got soaked but I dried them good before going to bed and don’t feel any worse for the experience.  It is still raining at times this morning.  I guess the captain must have been pleased with our show for the admiral the other day and is letting us off without an inspection to show his gratitude.  Also the boys who get liberty are getting off at twelve oclock instead of four this evening.  There really isn’t any reason why we couldn’t get off at noon every Saturday but we just don’t get to do that.  Those of us on the duty section are supposed to go on a parade Sunday afternoon at Belle Isle.  I hope it isn’t raining.

I had a letter from Lawrence Cessnun yesterday.  He is still in California and is driving a jeep.  One of my buddies who left in the last draft three weeks ago is in New York City now.

I talked to Josephine a while ago. She had a letter from Mabel saying that Melvin was still at Camp Cooke.  His training period should be about up.  No, we aren’t planning on getting married—yet.

Paul, what color are the kittens?  We have an old grey cat here on the station that came last winter & has stayed with us.  She was sure skinny when she first came but she gets plenty to eat now, I guess.   Where did you get the banty chicks?

Mom, I picked up a couple of rocks for you and will send them as soon as I can get a box to put them in.  They aren’t very large and are very light.  They really aren’t rocks but have been formed from the slag or melted ore here at the plant.  I thought they would be more interesting than the ordinary rocks.  I’m afraid I won’t be able to find any cactuses for you tho, at least up here.

Wallace, I got your letter today so will answer it now.  Yes Josephine got here okay a week ago this morning.  One of those sailors was from Madison and he rode with her and helped her to change trains at Chicago.

You did very well in the typing contest.  Congratulations.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Write again.  I’m closing now.


Love to all



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