November 4, 1941

The Folks
The Folks

Nov. 4. 1941

Dear Folks

I won’t have time to write much of a letter tonight as we are really quite busy all of the time.  Of course we don’t drill so long each day but we have to do our washing & cleaning up in leisure time.  Also I want to do some studying before we take any more exams which will be next week.  We took one exam today.  It wasn’t bad so I think that I made a fair grade.

Sorry to hear that you are still having rains back there.  I hoped that it would dry up some time.  It has been nice here since Sunday & probably will stay that way for awhile.  I can’t think of very much to write about as life is very much routine here.  About the same every day.  I’m liking it better all the time as I get accustomed to the new way of doing things.

As I told you, we sleep in hammocks & we have to air our mattress & blankets every day & then make them in the evening.  We are learning something new all the time so that keeps it interesting.

Postal card from the U.S. Naval Training Station, Great Lakes, Ill. 1941
Postal card from the U.S. Naval Training Station, Great Lakes, Ill. 1941

We got our first mail Monday & when Earnest got a letter & I didn’t get any I was rather disappointed but the tables were turned today when I received two letters & he didn’t get any.  We have been together all the way through so far.  He sleeps right beside me.  I am number 17 & he is no. 18.

We all have certain duties toward keeping the barracks clean.  The jobs are passed around so that no one has a bad job very long.

We went to a show last night but it wasn’t too hot.  I think I will stay & study tomorrow night.  They have shows on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday.  Josephine sent me a clipping from the paper saying that we could attend the roller skating rink, bowling & a few other activities that I haven’t heard anything about here yet.

Keep writing whenever you can & I will do the same.



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