Weekend at the “Y”

Monday evening   October 19 – 1942


Dear Folks.

I received your letter today, in fact I got five letters today so I will be quite busy if I get all of them answered.  Three of them were ones I would have received Saturday afternoon but I went into town before mail call so didn’t get them until this morning.  One of the fellows had kept them for me so I could have them sooner.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

It rained nearly all day Saturday but I went on liberty anyway.  A buddy and I got a room together at the “Y” for seventy-five cents apiece.  Saturday night he went roller skating while I saw the show “Across the Pacific”.  We get in the shows for twenty-eight cents which is very reasonable since many of the theatres regular prices are fifty to seventy-five cents.

Sunday morning I slept until nine-thirty then got up and went to a church close by.  I was the only sailor there though there were three army officers there too.  That church service seemed more nearly like those at home than any I have attended in the past year.  As soon as I stepped into the vestibule, an usher greeted me and shook hands.  As I started down the aisle another usher met me, spoke, and showed me to a seat.  The church services lasted from ten-forty five ‘til twelve fifteen but it was very interesting.

After the services I went back to the room at the “Y” and my buddy had just awakened so we went out to dinner together.  For dinner I had pork chops, mashed potatoes, baked beans and ice cream.  After dinner we walked out to the Franklin Institute which is a museum of mechanical inventions.  Wallace would have enjoyed it a lot.  We spent all afternoon there then went to the show “My Sister, Eileen” in the evening.  After the show I came back to the ship while my buddy went roller skating again. I don’t know what time he got home.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


I bought a sweat shirt Saturday afternoon.  It should be very warm.

I thought my bonds were to be mailed to you every three months, three bonds at a time but it doesn’t matter, just so you get them.  August was supposed to be the first month so guess it is okay.

I intend to make out an allotment tomorrow and will probably have it sent to the Americus bank.  That is the only way I’ll be able to save any money and I do want to have something to start on when I get out of here.  I’ll have to pay an income tax this year unless I can get married.  I’d probably do that if I could get a leave to come home.

It is sure nice that you have been having fair weather.  We are still in our shirt sleeves though some of the boys think it is cold and have to wear their sweaters or peacoats.  Wonder what they will do when we get up in the North Atlantic?  Maybe I’ll be the one who gets cold then.  The leaves are starting to fall but aren’t turning colors yet.  I’d sure enjoy having a picnic in the timber but I guess that will have to wait.  Some of the boys are getting five day leaves but I can’t get one because the officers say I need ten days to go home and they aren’t granting anything over five days.  Oh well, I guess all things come to he who waits.  I’m waiting.  Almost one of my four years is gone and it hasn’t seemed so long.


Yes, quite a few folks are in Washington.  I didn’t know that Leslie Rutledge was there until Alice told me but she didn’t know his address.  I would like to go to Washington again but guess I had better save my money.  I had a letter from Alice today and she sent a picture of Irene and Anne which I am going to have Josephine put in my album.  You can have her show it to you if you wish.  It was taken before I was there but it is raining just like the day I visited there.

No I haven’t seen any cranberries, in fact I don’t even know if they grow around here but I don’t have a chance to see them even if they do.  I haven’t seen any farms around close and on the trip to Washington the farms I did see were rather small.  Lots of the land seemed to be swampy.  No, I don’t have much trouble getting around in the cities now. In fact I’m sorta like the Indian who was wandering around in the forest when he met a white man who asked if he were lost.  The Indian replied “Me all right, wigwam lost.”  Of course, I don’t always know just where I am or East from West but I always get back to the ship on time.

We are rationed pretty close on food but it is cooked good, the best navy food I’ve ever eaten.  We don’t go hungry, in fact I can’t begin to eat as much as I could a year ago.

Yes I have my job learned fairly well but all of us have enough to learn yet.  I have charge of the refrigeration and the heating system with a chief over me and others who will help if I need them.  The others have specific jobs and I’ll help them if they need help so you see we have to know something about nearly all of the ship.


I have a lot of letters to write tonight so guess I’d better get started on some of them.

Paul I believe you have a birthday soon, haven’t you?  About Friday, maybe?  Happy birthday, brother.

Love to all,


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