A Letter from Alice

3416 Baker St, N.E.

Washington, D.C.

October 15, 1942

Alice, DHS class of 1936
Alice, DHS class of 1936

Dear Lester,

No bad effects from our soaking. I’ll bet you thought we all had double pneumonia and died—not hearing from us sooner. I’m really sorry I haven’t answered sooner. I haven’t written Helen K. yet either, but still intend to, soon, I hope.

Speaking of rain, it’s really pouring down now. What we went thru that Sunday was a sprinkle compared to this. You should know it’s bad because all three of us had intended going out and didn’t.

Worst of all, my only umbrella disappeared at work today. Either someone mistook it for theirs or plain needed an umbrella. I’m hoping it will be back in the morning. Optimist ain’t I?

I have enclosed one of those street pictures of Ann and Irene. It’s complete—wild hair, wrinkles, and umbrella. They really don’t register “dampened spirits.” We all had a grand time—and I’m not jus’ a foolin’.

Too bad the weather couldn’t have been nicer. Maybe you’ll have another chance. Lea’s still planning on getting to D.C.  I hope he makes it.

Got a letter from Floyd, during the week after you were here, telling me their brother Edgar, had the worst kind of a nervous break-down. (Mom said, “violently insane” in her letter.) They took him to Topeka. He’s Marie White’s husband. Too bad.  They blame it on the war situation.

Incidentally, my camera is still at Walter Cobb’s place. I haven’t seen or heard from them since. If and when I get that one picture developed, you’ll get one regardless of how it is, for memory’s sake—‘er somethin’. That’s a promise.

By the way, you were a little late getting back, weren’t you? You must have been about dead from loss of sleep, etc.

You aren’t just ‘a talkin’ when you say it doesn’t seem like we’ve been out of school so long. I don’t suppose very many would have answered this year. I’m sure I wouldn’t have. In fact, from the rumors going around here, it sounds like very slim chances for a civilian getting to travel by train, around Christmas time especially.

I too, have had a lot of fun and new experiences, but I wouldn’t mind trading for some of the times back when – – – -.

Remember, among other things, the constitution of U.S.A. Ha! Ha! Don’t tell me you missed out on that.

Note from Alice in Lester's autograph book
Note from Alice in Lester’s autograph book

“Bing” is now singing “White Christmas” for us (radio). I really love that song.

Got a letter from Ruby today. She’s getting along swell with her school and is having fun between times. She and the “kids” had a picnic last week.

A few of the boys around there have the idea they have to spend their money before going into the armed forces. Ruby seems to be having a good time helping Charles, Vance and others do it.

I know you must already have an enormous mailing list, but I’d enjoy hearing from you from time to time.

Your former classmate and

Very good friend,

Alice D.

Irene, Lester and Alice, Washington, D.C. September 1942
Irene, Lester and Alice, Washington, D.C. September 1942

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