September 10, 1942





September 10, 1942

Dear Folks

I received mom’s letter today, the one which you sent the fourth.  It was over in the post office and hadn’t been put in with the Gherardi mail.  Maybe you had better put USS Gherardi in the lower left hand corner so they will be sure to see it.  I don’t like to have to stand in line for half an hour to get my mail which is what we have to do if we get it at the post office.  Otherwise we get it at noon when we muster.

It has been raining a little today, not very much but enough that I wore my raincoat and rubbers.    You may read my letter at club if you wish or any parts of it as you think best.  There isn’t much more that I could tell now as I haven’t seen any other part of the city.  The letter which I wrote to Mr. Stewart was really more for the public than yours.  After this when I write about the places I have seen I’ll try to explain them more in detail.  I told you nearly all about New York except that I had to get a shave Sunday morning as neither Haring nor I had taken a razor.  Just a shave costs fifty cents and a haircut costs a dollar.  Here on the station a haircut is a quarter and a shave fifteen cents.

I wonder if I could get a room in Washington if I go there.  It would be kinda bad to get there and not be able to find a bed any place.

We started the ice machine yesterday so I have spent a good deal of time on board ship yesterday and today.  It works just fine and is all automatic except for starting after the electric power fails. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The power went off several times today, once for an air raid.  It was just a test.  Haring was outside when the alarm sounded and he said that it was only a few seconds before all the guns were uncovered and pointed skyward. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA They started putting stores—apples, potatoes, sweet corn and meat—on board and in the ice boxes this afternoon.

We have all of our officers assigned now and they seem to be a swell bunch.  We haven’t  met our captain yet but one of the other officers knows the captain and claims that he is a swell guy.  He isn’t very old but has a lot of experience.  We will have bag inspection a d draw small stores tomorrow.  Guess that’s about all the news for this time.

Love to all



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