Off to Philadelphia


Back on duty after a memorable trip home, Lester reviews the return train ride. In a hurried post script, he tells the news. He’s heading out in a few days–to Philadelphia!

Tuesday morning August 11 – 1942

Dear Folks.

I haven’t much to write about as we don’t know anything new.  I got back in the barracks at five minutes before twelve but they didn’t take muster until one o’clock.  We had a quiet, fast trip on the train to Chicago.  From Chicago to the station we rode in a special train for soldiers and sailors. It was packed like sardines in a can.  It was eleven-thirty when we reached the station and it took 25 minutes to walk from the gate to the barracks.  Most of us slept a good share of yesterday.  We don’t have much to do except sleep as we don’t have any guards except here in the barracks.  I went to the show “Sergant York” last night. It was pretty good.

There is so much noise I can’t think so I’ll write again later.

Love to all



I had sealed this but since then have learned that I am going to Philadelphia this Thursday.  Six of us are going there.  I’m going with a swell bunch and I’d just as soon go there as any where else.  I’ll write as soon as I get there.


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