The Yoyo Swings Downward Again

Only two days after Lester’s joyful letter announcing his leave to visit home, he writes another story. All leaves have been canceled. What a tragic turn of events. Since the family had already canceled their trip to visit Lester at the Great Lakes, they would have received this news with heavy hearts. Things changed so quickly for the Navy boys in 1942 America.

Lester included a hopeful note by saying that some of the unit would be granted leaves. With his kind and generous heart, he admitted there were those who deserved a leave more than he did. What could possibly happen next?

The Folks
The Folks

Monday noon.

August 3, 1942

Dear Folks,

Well, here’s the bad news. All of our leaves have been cancelled. We may get them later but for the present we are under 24 hour orders, prepared to leave at any time. I’m sorry to have it happen after we had planned on it and you gave up the trip up here. It is just as well that you didn’t come though as we had only from Sunday noon until midnight and the boys didn’t get out the gate until about two o’clock. They said that they cut down on our liberty because we were getting nine-day leaves and didn’t want us overleave on liberty.

The lieutenant announced the cancellation this morning while we were taking tests for rates. We don’t know yet who passed the test but not many of us think that we passed it.

I understand that we are to be divided into groups. Some of us will get leaves. Some of the boys have been in a year with no leave so they deserve a leave before I do. If I can possibly get a leave, I will be home, you can be sure. I don’t think it would be a good idea for you to come up here as we may go out at any time with only short notice and again we may get our leave later. I don’t think I will call you as there isn’t anything I could say. If I do get sent out right away, I’ll write as soon as possible. You can write to me at barracks 614. My telephone number is Ontario 4548. However, I don’t imagine I would know anything if you did call me. I can’t think of anything else now so will close.

Remember I may be home yet.

Love to all




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