Dreaming of Visitors

Anticipating a visit from the folks, Lester details his schedule of free time. Classes are drawing to a close and he is looking forward to assignment on a sea-going ship. Josephine’s visit has ended. She has gone home again.


Thursday evening

July 9 – 1942

Dear Folks

I received your letter today and am glad to hear from you.  I’m glad that you are planning on coming to see me.  However I can’t tell you very much for sure except the regular schedule which says we will have liberty from Wednesday noon until eight Thursday morning and from Saturday noon until eight Monday morning.  However the last draft stayed longer than scheduled and had an additional liberty from Friday at 4 PM until eight the following morn.

There is a rumor that we will get nine day leaves—but I don’t believe we will get them.  You can go ahead and plan to come. I will let you know as soon as I learn anything for certain but that probably won’t be until we get to the Lakes.  You asked how much time I would have before going to the Lakes.   I would go directly to the Great Lakes from here in a troop train. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA We will probably leave here Friday morning, July 24th and get to the Lakes that same night.  We would have liberty from noon Saturday, the 25th until eight the following Monday morning.  Then again from Wednesday noon, the 29th until eight Thursday morning.  If we aren‘t sent out on Friday the 31st, we would probably have liberty again and might possibly get a leave.  That is something which no one can say at this time.

There is a small town, Waukegan, where you could stay if you wanted to do that.  It is only four miles from the station while Chicago is several miles farther.  Will let you know as soon as I find out anything new.

We hear every few days from some of the boys who have gone to sea duty.  All of them like it fine.  Everyone in my class is restless, tired of this place and wanting to go to sea. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I was surprised to get to talk to Wallace the other night when I called Josephine but glad too.  I had been wondering what Herb Clayton was doing now.  Well, certainly he isn’t too good for the job.

I met a boy from Emporia today.  We have been in the same part of the dormitory for two weeks and just now are getting acquainted.  He used to live in Toledo.  We both knew Einsmingers, south of Americus, and some other folks down there.  Another Emporia boy, Snyder, who drove the Camel tobacco truck, is here in another barracks.  More men are being sent to school all the time.

We had watermelon for dinner today.  It was good too.  We had peaches for breakfast but they weren’t any too ripe.

Guess I better close and write another letter or two.  I’ll be expecting to see you before too long.

The Folks
The Folks


Love to all




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