Good old autograph book, part 1

During these weeks when there are no written communications home from Lester, it’s fun to share his autograph book, signed by many of his school friends and relatives during his high school years. Posts in the autograph book are dated from 1930 to 1935, in no particular order. The practice of having your friends post a cute message in your autograph book carried into the next generation, but seems to have become a relic of the past. It’s fun to read what Lester’s friends wrote to him.

Lester, about the age when he received his autograph book.
Lester, about the age when he received his autograph book.

Americus Kansas

December 26, 1930

Dear Lester,

Remember me.

When this you see

Tho many a mile,

Apart we be.

            Your Cousin


Dunlap Kansas

December 29, 1930

Dear Lester:

When rocks and hills divide us,

And you no more I see,

Just sit down by the table

And write a line to me.

Your cousin

Nelva May

Dunlap Kans.

Jan. 2, 1930

Dear Lester

Dry is a cracker.

Without some cheese.

So is a kiss.

Without a squeeze.

Your friend (ha ha)


Dunlap Kans.
Dear Lester
Round is the ring
That has no end.
So is my love
For you my friend,

Americus Kans.

Jan. 7, 1931

Dear Lester:

Fill the day with friendliness,

And little kindly deeds.

And you will have the brightest day;

That anybody needs.

Your friend,

Frances Edmiston

Dear Lester:

Lester now

            Lester never

            Lester now but not forever!


Dear Lester,

Remember me as a good writer

As I remember you as a good actor.

Your Friend,

            Nelson Parru

Dunlap Kansas

January 2, 1931

Dear Lester

Some love one

Some love two

But the only one I love is you.

Ha Ha

Your friend

Claude Miller

Dear Lester

Choose not your friends from outward show

Feathers float but pearls lie low.


Americus, Ks
Feb. 3 1931
Dear Lester,
Remember me early
Remember me late,
Remember me at the garden gate.
Your friend,

Americus Kansas

Feb. 4, 1931

Dear Lester,

            Remember me early:

            Remember me late:

            Remember me on your

            Wedding date.

                        Your school friend


Ha Ha

Dear Lester:
“Read  and      me       I
This     down   not       am
Up    Forget     while   around.”
Your friend
Nelson Miller
Freshman 1931-32

Dear Lester

Geese on the milk pond

Ducks on the ocean

Lester can’t get married until

Frances takes a notion.

Your friend

            Gene Daharsh

Dunlap Kansas.

January 19, 1931

Dear Lester:

Down by a pond is a rock.

And on it is written,

“I love you” not

Your Friend

Belle    Ho: Ho:

Ha: Ha:

Dunlap Kan

Jan. 9, 1931

Dear Lester

Remember me in friendship

Remember me in love

Remember me when we meet

On that happy land above.

Your school friend


January 9, 1931
Dear Lester,
I love you in my hart
I love you in my chest
And it will tell you
Who I love best.
Your friend

Dunlap, Kansas

Feb 3, 1932

Dear Lester,

Down in the valley

Written on a rock is

“I love you”

Your friend

Rosalee Edington

Dear Lester

            I hope you remember

The Geometry Book.

            Your friend,

            Taylor Blossom

Americus, Kans.

Feb 3, 1932

Dear Lester:

As sure as the vine grows around a stump

You are Frances’ darling sugar lump.

True isn’t it?  Ha! Ha!

Your Friend

Elizabeth Weller

Dunlap Kans.

April 6, 1932

Dear Lester:

Remember me early,

Remember me late,

Remember me on your wedding day

And send me a slice of cake.

Your friend

Freda Pritchard

February 4, 1932

Dear Lester

I don’t like to study.

I don’t like to go to school.

But when I come to loving I am an educated fool.


Dunlap Kans
Feb. 3, 1932
Dear Lester:
When the Whip-poor-will is calling
Out over the lonely sea
And when of others we are thinking
Won’t you sometimes think of me.
            Your schoolmate & friend
            Lawrence Sexton

Dear Lester,

Three years have past and gone quickly

But they have been filled with many happy

Experiences. I hope that your remaining experiences

Will also be happy.

I have enjoyed knowing you and I wish you

Much happiness and success.


Helen Frost

District 72

Feb. 9, 1932

Dear Lester:

A good thing to remember

And a better thing to do

Is to work with the construction gang,

And not with the wrecking crew.

May your school days reward you richly

and may your success be unbounded.

Best wishes for a high school

and college (?) career.

Your teacher,

Mrs. Frances Sheaffer

Dunlap, Kans.

Feb. 5, 1932

Dear Lester

I love you little

I love you big

I love you lake

A little pig.

Your School Friend,



May 12, 1932
Dear Lester,
Your school days in D.R. H.S. are almost gone,
And I hope that commencement is only a beginning
Of the success that your excellent work and dependability
Prophesy for you.
Wishing you success and happiness always,
I am
Norma E. Ryman

DunlaP Kan.

Feb. 4, 1932

Dear Lester,

I love you little

I love you big—

I love you like

A little pig.

Your School Friend,


Dunlap, Kansas.

Feb 3, 1932

Dear Lester

Way down in the sticks

Now don’t you blink

I’m in a pretty fix

Now don’t you think?

Your friend

James Edington

One thought on “Good old autograph book, part 1

  1. nancyhsturm

    These are so interesting, yet sad when I think about what happened to Lester and how it must have affected all of his friends.

    On another note, I still have an autograph book from junior high. We didn’t have one for high school; I guess the yearbook too its place.

    Thanks for posting these!

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