Life: The Journey Continues


At a recent writing workshop William Bernhardt asked us to identify three important values in our lives. This being an exercise I had completed in a different chapter of  life, my three qualities were easy to list.

I value creativity, both divine and human. My passion for the earth nestles within this category. Additionally my environmental activism, love for wildlife, nature, artistic attempts by my friends and family, music composition, and the process of writing fall under this heading.

I value harmony, in which individual elements fit together pleasantly into a whole. My passion for music and keyboard instruments is included here, of course. But I also list human relations, cooperation, love, honesty, integrity, generosity, service, and commitment.

Third on my list is education, the quality of being a student for life. Openness, a willingness to learn, to explore and to seek new adventure cluster under this heading.

On the rare occasion when facets of all three collide in one place at one time, I feel euphoric. The past weekend at the OWFI annual convention in Norman, Oklahoma was such an event. Opportunities to learn new techniques and consider alternative viewpoints filled the education criterion. Everyone I met, totally involved in the creative process, affirmed my own aspirations. New friendships, laughter, frolics, and plans to meet again created a joyous cloud on which we practically floated home. Education, harmony and creativity—a weekend of bliss.

To have a publisher request to see samples of my writing topped the experience. A new corner has been turned. A new chapter in life has started. Whether the request leads to a published book remains to be seen. For now, I will enjoy the notion that someone wants to see what I have to offer.

Many thanks go to Bill Bernhardt for coaching my pitch and query, as well as instruction on the elements of manuscript creation. Thanks also to my writing friends for reading and offering constructive criticism to polish the words. We are indeed word weavers. The process—the journey—continues! Such is the creative life.

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