The pig and the piano

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMost piano service calls are pretty routine.  Occasionally, though, I do encounter a bit of a bizarre situation.

Not long ago, I was tuning for a new client in a nice new home.  The piano was in the basement on a wall next to the laundry room door.  Corralled in the laundry room by a child security gate was the family’s pet, Gretel, a miniature pot-belly pig.  I tuned away, working through the piano’s mid-section, when all of a sudden, the laundry door swung shut.  Bang!

There I was, trying to work around grunts, grumbles and the occasional little squeal, thinking to myself, “Okay.  A bit unusual, but I can do this.”

Gretel, oh the other hand, must have been thinking, “Okay.  A bit unusual.  SHE’S DRIVING ME CRAZY!”

The pig slammed the door shut.

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